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Tax Refund Services has a growing reputation as one of the most effective accountancy firms for construction workers.


Our firm expertly attends to all your taxation problems. Thanks to our established expertise, our dedication and many years of experience, we can offer you support that you can rely on.

PAYE Construction workers (employed)

If you use your own vehicle to travel to different construction sites then we can help you claim tax relief on the cost of your travel. You could get £3,600 back for a 4 year claim (based on travelling 10,000 miles a year). You can also claim if you use public transport.

CIS Construction workers          (self-employed)

We can complete you self-assessment tax return for you. We know how to maximise your refund but, at the same time protecting you from any future problems with HMRC enquiries, ensuring you peace of mind.

Other Professions

If you use your own vehicle to travel to temporary workplaces, as a Care worker or for the MOD in the armed forces, we can also help you claim tax relief on the cost of your travel. Shop workers who have been posted at a different branch for a temporary period can also claim.

Don't let the taxman take your money, contact us today and let us help you get it back.

Our Mission

To help construction workers and others, pay the correct amount of tax.